Real Recognizes REAL


 In a world full of fake, A.Marie Collections strives hard to give you what's real. From our non-photoshopped models to our ethically responsible handmade garments we promise to only give you the good stuff. Love goes into each and every item sold as they are all handmade from scratch from the designer herself. A.Marie Collections is a 100% grass roots luxury lifestyle brand with a deep passion for empowering and uplifting ALL people. A.Marie uses nothing but the best high quality fabrics & materials sourced from all around the world. All items are proudly hand crafted in Miami Beach Florida. 



Meet The Designer

Isn’t it crazy how fashions from different eras always have a way of resurfacing? As long as I can remember, I’ve been overly obsessed with every aspect of fashion.  I came to a point in my life where I started to become dissatisfied with the clothing that was sold at the malls and boutiques. Why was it so hard to find cute clothes that were affordable and were made with good quality fabric? In addition, I didn’t want to walk down my school hallway and see someone else wearing the same exact outfit that I had on. I knew I wanted my clothing to be just as unique as I was.

   It wasn’t until my Grandma brought me inside of a thrift store that it all clicked for me. I definitely wanted to wear one-of-a-kind clothing. I definitely wanted my clothing to last more than 2-3 washes. I definitely wanted to wear bright colors and wild retro prints.  It was love at first sight.

   Soon after, I turned my love for vintage fashion into a business, opening an online vintage clothing boutique called Nifty Thrifty Love in 2012. Starting my own business from the ground up has taught me so much and has further opened my eyes to not only the fashion world but also to the vintage fashion world.

   My new vintage inspired clothing line A.Marie Collections will be debuting it’s luxury velvet swimwear collection for the first time during Miami Swim Week 18’. All garments are handmade with love by me personally. Only the best quality fabrics are used and the swimwear is made to fit women of all shapes and sizes. One thing that I have learned over the years is that standing out from the crowd is a good thing. Everyone should embrace it. 

~Ashley Marie